Q & A

What are your hours?

  • qaMy hours are flexible. I will work with you to find a time that works into your schedule. This process is supposed to relieve stress, not cause more.

How long do therapy sessions last?

  • Typically, a session will last 55 minutes.

Do you have a sliding scale?

  • Sliding scale fees may be offered based on income. Please contact me for further information.

How do I know if my insurance will cover therapy?

  • If you would like help determining your insurance benefits, please contact me so I can assist you in finding out that information.

When should I seek help?

  • There is no “right time” to seek help. Whether you are being proactive or feeling overwhelmed, the time to seek therapy is when that voice inside you (or someone who loves you) says its time.
  • Q&AIf you have issues that are getting in the way of your relationships, your job or finding happiness and satisfaction in your life, you can benefit from therapy.
  • You should be loving your life and finding joy in many aspects of your life. If that does not sound like you, you can benefit from therapy.
  • From making simple life changes, to making a huge life change, therapy can help by giving you a safe place to examine your options and make the best decision for yourself.

How do I get started?

  • Simply call me at 847-922-5278 or send me an e-mail at: patrickmckeelcpc@gmail.com
  • Whether you decide to call or e-mail, your privacy is my number one concern so please limit the confidential information you leave.
  • If you wish a call back, please let me know what times work best for you and I will do my best to return the call at those times. I will only leave a vague message such as “This is Patrick returning your call”

I look forward to hearing from you!